Fuck You

Circling and spinning around my mind
You sweetly, swiftly shift
Shaking the shakes I'm faking you're shaking
And you're quick to steal a kiss
So in a frozen motion I silently scream
You flinch but you won't back down
You dare me, you try to scare me
But you know I'll stand my ground
Fuck You

Inch by inch I'm closing in
Your eyes have sealed the dawn
Now it's only a matter of time before you shatter
try to walk away with pieces that you want
So you seek secrets of my soul
My misery I hope you'll miss
Cast your hooks, I hope you catch
A glimpse of blinded bliss
Fuck you

Who's gonna guess it, or believe
Everything's crossed my mind
So don't you blink, I'm trying to think
Well everything could unwind
Well you move me, you used to use me
Now it's time to stand this ground
And if I don't come back, nothing will collapse
Nothing really ever comes around
So surely I said sorry
if you believe half the things that we've done
You must've done them too
Cause you know I'm cut in two
Just above the balcony I'm hung from
Fuck you

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