A Public Place

Bruce Gilbert / Colin Newman / Graham Lewis / Robert Gotobed

If you had a room, he'd paint it white,
survives the day, prefers the night,
build sight.
Got a head for figures,
no time for bickers,
(or so he says,)
prefers the company of a woman.
Finds it more physical,
(that's an important word,)
always seen first then heard,
such a rare bird.
With praise he glows,
with change he grows,
finds that important,
hates waiting, it's not stimulating,
likes celebrating,
I can't understand why that is so funny,
that is sex.

Wissenswertes über das Lied A Public Place von Wire

Wann wurde das Lied “A Public Place” von Wire veröffentlicht?
Das Lied A Public Place wurde im Jahr 1988, auf dem Album “A Bell Is Cup... It Is struck” veröffentlicht.
Wer hat das Lied “A Public Place” von Wire komponiert?
Das Lied “A Public Place” von Wire wurde von Bruce Gilbert, Colin Newman, Graham Lewis und Robert Gotobed komponiert.

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