Big World

Jack Hues

You woke me from my sleep we quietly crept
This memory I'll keep of bitter crimson
Winter sunrise lost in the icy silence
Our warm breath fading in the air

I'm not sure why I tell you still less what I mean
It's like a dream and maybe there's no cause
But in the end it's
What you can give to someone
How you can help to set them free

Big world is turning as we dream tonight
Big world we've got so out of tune with you
Now we have to put it right
Big world help us through
Get us through the night

This world is wounded now and we inflict
The pain
We have to change our lives and think again
'cause in the end it's
All that we're sure we're made of
All that we know to set us free

Repeat chorus

Keep on rolling through the night
'cause the big world is never gonna let you down
If we learn to treat her right
Then the big world is never gonna let us down

Wissenswertes über das Lied Big World von Wang Chung

Wann wurde das Lied “Big World” von Wang Chung veröffentlicht?
Das Lied Big World wurde im Jahr 1989, auf dem Album “The Warmer Side Of Cool” veröffentlicht.
Wer hat das Lied “Big World” von Wang Chung komponiert?
Das Lied “Big World” von Wang Chung wurde von Jack Hues komponiert.

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