Puss in Boots

drunk on your presence and golden glow
pulled from a top hat in some magic show
you move so slowly the tensions bliss
with pain and torture in each sensual kiss

you magnetize and pull me in your power
my compass spins, my clock chimes every hour
put your foot down puss in boots
puss in boots, 'zip me up!'

seduce me now without delay
don't waste a second don't listen when i pray 'mercy'
just take your witch broom and sweep me away
and work your wonder today

drown me under your ocean skirt
your little mermaid touch a teasing hurt
fishnets catch she swims around
bites my hook so hard, she'll pull me down

i'm dreaming wet lost in a maze completely
there's no way out just use your touch, release me
steer my real world into a crash and dive
crash and dive, i'm so alive!

seduce me now...

so hunt me down to dirty land
and run me ragged until your fox can't stand
and take your witch broom sweep me away
and work your wonder today

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